Does The SR22 Requirement Make My Auto Insurance More Expensive?

4 November 2022
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If you are purchasing SR22 insurance, you might be surprised at how much higher your rates are with this type of insurance vs. other insurance programs. However, it isn't the SR22 insurance plan that is causing your rates to go up but is instead other factors. 

Why Your Insurance Rates are Higher 

One of the most common reasons why your auto insurance rates might go up is traffic violations. When you have received a ticket for speeding, failure to yield, improper passing, or various other violations, you might be penalized. You're even more likely to be penalized if you commit a major violation such as drinking while under the influence.

If you were involved in an accident and were considered to be at fault, this could also have an impact on your insurance rates. However, depending on the insurance payout you choose, you may be able to avoid an increase in your rates. Some insurance providers also offer accident forgiveness and will lower your rates over time.

Why You Need SR22 Insurance

SR22 insurance is required for drivers who are considered to be high-risk drivers. This most often occurs when a driver is found to be driving while under the influence of alcohol, has engaged in reckless driving, driving without insurance, or another activity that is considered to be high-risk.

This form of insurance is meant to confirm with the state that you have purchased adequate insurance. However, it is not considered to be auto insurance and you will need to purchase auto insurance on top of your SR22 insurance plan to be allowed to drive.

The Cost of SR22 Insurance

If you are curious about how much your SR22 insurance will cost, you can contact your insurance provider. In some cases, they will only require a one-time filing fee. You will need an owner's certificate for a car that you own, an owner-operator certificate for a car that you drive, and a non-owner certificate for when you are required to carry SR22 but you do not own a car.

SR22 Insurance Isn't Permanent

You might wonder how long you will need to carry SR22 insurance. Each state has its own requirements and you will then be able to purchase any type of insurance that you want after time has passed. However, it's important to continue to carry SR22 insurance until you have met this requirement or your license will be suspended or revoked.

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