What To Look For In A Personal Insurance Coverage Policy

30 November 2020
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Personal insurance coverage comes in several forms. It could be a renter's insurance policy you use to protect your personal belongings when moving into a new apartment, or it may be a liability contract you take out when working on a job site for a client. No matter what type of personal insurance coverage you plan to get, it's important for your policy to contain certain elements. Read through the following information so you'll know what to include in your own personal insurance coverage policy. Read More 

Does Your College Student Need Renters Insurance? Some Answers

5 November 2020
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As your child heads off to college, the right insurance protection helps keep them healthy and financially stable. But what is the right insurance? One key coverage that many families may overlook is renter's insurance. Does your college student need it? Here's how you can decide.  When Renter's Insurance May Be Needed If your student will head to off-campus housing, they likely need their own renter's insurance. Most insurance companies don't consider a person living in their own apartment or house to still be part of your household — which may disqualify them from being under your homeowner's insurance. Read More 

Why You Should Download Your Car Insurance Company’s Mobile App

5 October 2020
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Nowadays, many car insurance companies offer mobile apps for their customers to download and use. If this is an option for you but if you haven't yet downloaded the app, you might be making a mistake. These are some of the reasons why you should consider downloading this app as soon as possible on your mobile phone or other device. Get Reminders About Payments It's never a good idea to allow your car insurance policy to lapse. Read More 

What Should Your Property Insurance Plan Cover?

31 August 2020
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Agents and customers can design property insurance plans to cover a wide array of potential issues. There's always a balancing act between cost and sufficient coverage. In striking that balance, what should your property insurance policy look like? Here are 5 suggestions worth considering. Premises Liability The concept of premises liability is based on the legal standard that you may be responsible for injuries people suffer at your location. Folks don't necessarily have to be invited to have premises liability claims, either. Read More 

3 Things Medical Malpractice Insurance Covers Beyond Medical Damages

29 July 2020
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If you are a medical professional in the United States, you most likely need or have some form of medical malpractice insurance. This insurance helps protect you in the case of a workplace action where a patient is hurt and requires the payment of damages. If you have or need medical malpractice insurance, here are three things it covers beyond the payment of damages. Attorney And Court Fees If you are being sued under a medical malpractice suit, then you will need an attorney. Read More