3 Tips To Help You Score Lower Auto Insurance Quotes

23 May 2022
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

Do you find yourself experiencing sticker shock each time you get an auto insurance quote? If so, you may think that finding affordable car insurance just is not possible. However, the fact is that you can easily score lower auto insurance quotes with the help of a few very simple tips. By continuing to read below you can learn more about how to put these money-saving tips to work for you.

Tip #1: Agree To Use A Safe Driver App

Nearly all major auto insurance companies now offer customers the ability to qualify for a safe driver discount by taking advantage of a special mobile app for their phones. These mobile apps monitor your driving habits over the course of a few months and reward you according to how safe you drive. While you will need to complete the monitoring period in order to get your full discount, most insurance providers will give you the minimum discount immediately when agreeing to participate in this program. This will allow you to instantly get a lower price on your auto insurance quote and potentially save even more once the monitoring period comes to an end. 

Tip #2: Don't Pick The Quote With The Lowest Deductible

Many people automatically select the quote that offers the lowest deducible. The problem with this is that this low deductible policy will typically come at the highest cost. To make things even worse, paying a lower deductible does not actually mean you are saving money in the long run. This is because having a lower deductible only benefits you when filing a claim. If you are not filing accident claims on a frequent basis, the extra money you are paying in monthly premiums will far outweigh any savings you get by paying a lower deductible. Consequently, if you want to save money on your auto insurance, you will want to choose an auto insurance quote with the highest deductible that you can reasonably afford. 

Tip #3: Do Not Use Default Mileage

The amount of time you spend on the road each day will have a big impact on the price of your auto insurance quote. That is why you are asked what the primary use of your vehicle is when requesting a quote. The problem is that many insurance providers automatically apply an average number of miles to your quote depending upon the primary use of your vehicle. If you drive less than the average number of miles, you could be paying more than you need for auto insurance. In order to avoid this issue and secure a lower quote, you will want to adjust the number of daily miles to reflect how much time you actually spend on the road.