When Does the Requirement for SR22 Insurance End?

22 July 2021
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Your requirement for SR22 insurance won't last forever. However, you need to remain on top of the details involving your SR22 insurance to avoid having its requirement extended or restarted.

How Long Will Your SR-22 Insurance Requirements Last?

How long your SR22 requirement lasts can vary depending on the state and your own specific circumstances. Most states require at least three years of uninterrupted SR22 coverage. Whether your specific requirement lasts for a shorter time or longer, you must maintain coverage. You can contact your DMV if you're unsure of your SR22 requirements.

What Can Cause Your SR-22 Coverage to Lapse?

Your insurance company can drop your coverage for a variety of reasons. If that happens, the insurance company will inform the local DMV of the drop in coverage, and you must immediately find new SR22 coverage with another insurer.

If you don't renew your SR22, you can end up having the terms lengthened. You can also face a fresh license suspension and must start the process all over again. You can also increase the SR22 certificate period or have your insurer drop your coverage if you have any driving offenses while under the SR22 policy.

What Can You Do to Maintain Your SR-22 Insurance Coverage?

To avoid a lapse in coverage you need to do everything necessary to maintain your SR22 coverage.

Practice and develop safe driving habits. If you're prone to risky driving behaviors, now is an excellent time to start practicing more cautious driving. Consider taking a driver safety course. Absolutely do not drink and drive, even if you only had just a sip. Equally, don't drive when on any drug or medication.

Know when your policy will expire. Pay close attention to when your insurance policy will expire. Your SR22 insurance doesn't automatically match the length of time you might need it.

As with any insurance policy, you need to know when it starts and when it will end. Renew it immediately or set up an auto-renewal plan so that you never have a lapse.

Pay your insurance premium on time, every time. Stay on top of your payments and don't ever skip one. Even if your insurance company has generous grace periods, always pay on time or earlier if possible. You don't want any complications that can potentially lead to you having your license suspended or your SR22 term period lengthened.

If in doubt, always speak to both your local DMV and your insurance company, especially if you plan to make a life change. For example, if you move to another state, your SR22 obligations may change. An auto insurance professional can help you navigate what you need to do so your coverage remains unbroken and you remain in compliance. 

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