New Insurance Agent? Continue Your Education With This Information

15 March 2021
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

If you recently received your insurance license, you want to stay on track with your education. You can do so with continuing education courses or classes. Below are things you should do as a new agent to stay on track with your education.

Learn Your State's Rules and Requirements

States like New York require new and established insurance agents and brokers to maintain their licenses throughout their careers. One of the things your state may require you to do is take continuing education (CE) courses or classes. You generally must take educational classes two years after you become a licensed agent. 

The continuing education classes designed for insurance agents and brokers may vary from state to state. However, some states require you to complete 24 hours of CE credits every two years. The courses keep you updated on the:

  • transportation laws in your state
  • license requirements and changes in your state
  • insurance laws in your state

You may also need to take courses on different types of insurance coverages, including flood insurance and healthcare insurance. Once you complete the courses and take any final exams pertaining to your courses, you submit them to your state for compliance. 

You can protect your insurance license by signing up for CE classes today.

Take Online Education Classes

Although you can take CE classes or courses in person, you may wish to do so online. Online courses may be more convenient for you. In addition, you can generally submit the results of your courses to your state online.

You'll need to contact a course provider directly for your CE curriculum. Once you contact a provider, you'll need to set up an online account. You may need a copy of your original insurance license, birth certificate, Social Security card, and address to complete the sign-up processes. Some CE providers also require copies of your contact information to complete the sign-up process, such as your cell phone number or business contact number.

You may need to do a few other critical things before you take your courses, such as obtain an online or offline textbook. You use the book to refresh your memory or skills before you take the final exam. 

If you need to do anything else pertaining to your courses, a provider may instruct you to do so. However, you can always contact a provider by email or phone if you need to do so.

Learn more about insurance CE courses and how to obtain them for your license by contacting a provider today.