How To Save On Car Insurance If You're A Student

28 April 2020
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

High school and college students who are still relatively new to driving typically pay fairly high auto insurance premiums because they're inexperienced. Even at a young age, though, it's possible to save on insurance. Here's how to save on car insurance if you're a young student.

Maintain Good Grades

Many insurance companies offer students who have good grades a slight discount on their car insurance premiums. Insurers do this because good grades show a certain level of maturity and responsibility, which are both characteristics that are associated with safe driving.

Exactly what grade point average you must maintain to qualify for a good student discount depends on what insurance company your policy is with. Keep your grades as high as you're able to, though, and show your report cards or transcripts to your insurance agent. They'll help you determine whether the grades qualify you for this discount.

Request a Low-Mileage Discount

Unless you commute to and from school every day, you likely don't drive as much as the average person. As a result, you may be able to get a low-mileage discount. 

You might have to agree to let the insurance company monitor your driving via a remote device to get this discount, but the monitoring is worth the discount. Even a slight percent off of your auto insurance premiums can lead to substantial savings, and every dollar you save matters when you're going through school.

Add an Experienced Driver

If you have an experienced driver in your house, you might be able to get significantly lower auto insurance premiums by adding the other driver to your policy. You must have their permission to do this, but this one action alone might save you more than the other discounts offer.

As an added benefit, you might also get a multi-policy discount if the experienced driver has their own car. If you and another driver insure vehicles together through the same insurance company, you'll likely each get a percent off of your insurance premiums in exchange for combining policies together.

Start Building Your Credit

Insurance companies are allowed to consider credit scores in some states when they set insurance rates, and having a good score could help you get lower rates if you live in one of these states. To start building your credit score, you can get a credit card and pay off its full balance each month. In a few months, you should have a decent score.

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