3 Ways To Lower Your Auto Insurance Costs

27 September 2019
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

Are you tired of paying too much to insure your car? Does it feel like half your paycheck goes towards rent and the other half is taken by your insurance company? Insurance is a necessary part of driving any vehicle. Without insurance on your car, you'll obviously be breaking the law. That doesn't make it any easier to deal with the high cost of some payments, however. Fortunately, there are things you can do to bring the costs down to a more affordable range. A few of these things include:

1. Different vehicle: If people envy and ask about your car wherever you go, this may be part of why your auto insurance costs are so high. As nice as it can be to drive a vehicle that everyone admires, this admiration makes it more of a target for thieves. Thieves know that they can either sell the whole car quickly via online classifieds or part it out and sell the pieces for a decent price. As hard as it might be to hear, one of the best ways to get your insurance costs down may be to sell your current vehicle and buy something less flashy. It might not impress as many people, but your wallet will be happier.

2. Different home: Although it's silly to move to a new place just to lower your auto insurance rates, now is the perfect time to potentially lower your costs significantly if you're already considering moving. Sometimes, all it takes to get a lower insurance cost is to choose a home a few blocks away in a different zip code. In some cases, it can be worth paying a little more in rent to see your insurance rates drop by an even greater amount. This won't always work, but when you're looking at different places to move to, it can be worth it to talk with your insurance company first before making your final decision.

3. Switch providers: When you've been with the same insurance company for a few years, it makes sense to at least shop around to see what other insurance companies are charging. It's easy to assume that you're getting some sort of loyalty discount by always getting your auto insurance from the same company, but this isn't necessarily true. Many insurance companies offer an incentive for new drivers to use them, and then they start raising the premiums after the first year. This is similar to how many cable and internet providers work as well. Check out what other insurance companies are charging and switch if you'll get a lower payment.

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