Do You Need Flood Insurance If You Have A Pond On Your Property?

1 May 2019
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

Serene and beautiful, a pond on a piece of property is something that a lot of property owners find valuable. However, having a pond on your property can also mean you have to take flood insurance a little more seriously than the average property owner. Take a look at some of the most common questions regarding flooding and ponds on a piece of property.

Has the pond ever flooded the property before?

One of the things to consider when trying to determine how much flood insurance you need for your property if you have a pond is whether or not there have been flooding issues before. you can take a look at the flood zones in your area by checking with the local department of agriculture or health, but a flood insurance agent can also usually help you find out about flood history in the area. If none of these things yield you any information, consider reaching out to the previous property owner to get some insight about their experience. 

How stable is the water level of the pond?

Some ponds hold water levels fairly well in spite of the amount of rain you get. For example, a pond that is actually installed instead of natural may offer more consistent water levels over time and a natural pond may have a gradual decline in water levels as the water seeps into the ground. In general terms, ponds that have more stable water levels are going to be more likely to cause a flood because any added water could cause an issue at any given time. 

Does the pond have a good drainage system for overflow?

Natural ponds don't always have the best drainage system or overflow routes around it, but these features can easily be installed by a professional. Even something as simple as digging a routing trench at the lip of the pond can help reduce your risks of seeing your property flooded in the event of high levels of precipitation. If you are unsure about your pond's drainage features, request that an agent come to your property to take a look. 

Overall, having a pond on your property can prove to be a valuable thing for a lot of reasons and for a lot of property owners. If you are curious about flood insurance, reach out to a flood insurance provider like Amberg Insurance Center Inc who can help you make informed decisions.