4 Issues To Focus On When Reviewing Your Auto Coverage

25 May 2018
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

It is a good idea to review your auto insurance rates regularly to confirm that you still have the right coverage and you are paying the right rates for it. For example, you can decide to do the review every year at the time of your policy's renewal. Here are some of the things to focus on during the review.

1. Review the Liability Limits

Each state has a minimum liability coverage limit that each driver must maintain, but you are free to exceed this minimum. Whether or not you hold the minimum liability coverage, you need to review it every now and again. Consider the example of a three people household comprising of two parents and a child. The two parents may be okay with minimum coverage if they are good drivers, but they should consider increasing the limit once the child gets their driving license and starts driving because youngsters are notoriously bad drivers. 

2. Review the Deductible

The deductible is another thing you need to review regularly because the deductible you need changes with changes in your personal circumstances. For example, there is no need of carrying a thousand-dollar deductible if you can't find that much money in your account at any time. However, it may be good for you (in terms of low rates) to increase your deductible once you have become more financially stable and saved a tidy sum of emergency money.

3. Review the Excluded Drivers

Excluding bad drivers from your insurance policy is a good way of ensuring that they don't mess up your coverage rates. However, bad drivers don't stay bad forever; some of them actually improve with time. For example, a teenager who is a bad driver due to their inexperience may improve with time, and you should consider removing their name (assuming you had excluded them) from the excluded drivers list once they improve. You should also review the excluded driver list if you have received additional drivers in your household and you are concerned about their driving habits and histories.

4. Review the Number of Cars on the Policy

If you have multiple cars on your insurance policy, you should know that you are paying for the right to have all of them protected with the same coverage. Thus, if some of the cars have been damaged beyond repair, donated to other family members or stripped off for parts, you should see to it that they are removed from your policy.

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