Auto Insurance For Teenage Drivers

24 May 2018
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

If your child is finally ready to drive and you are considering adding them to your existing car insurance policy, you may find the entire process a bit difficult to navigate. Finding out how you can get the best deal can be tedious. If you are looking for assistance with your teenager's car insurance, here is some helpful advice.

Insurer's Know When It's Time

There is a strong possibility that your auto insurance company will contact you once your child turns sixteen to discuss adding them to your auto insurance policy. This is because many insurance companies make the proactive move of finding out the names and ages of your children when you sign up with them. When your children come of age, they will jump on the chance to get even more business from you. If your teen has their learner's permit, they will automatically be covered under your policy, but once they get their driver's license and a car, you will need to fully cover them by getting additions to your policy.

How To Add Your Teen To Your Policy

You can add your teen to your existing policy easily once they get a driver's license. Here are the steps you should take:

  1. Give the insurance company a call and have a frank discussion with them about the changes that you want to be made to your policy. Ask about all the discounts available to teens. There will be many, so take advantage of all of them as they will also benefit you.
  2. Have information about your teenager's driver's license and any new car you may be adding readily available.
  3. Take some time to think over everything you have discussed with your insurance agent so that you make the right decision about your policy.

Your Teenager's Tickets

Once you decide to add your teen to your policy, any tickets they incur will negatively impact all driving records attached to the policy. Just as you will share in the discounts your teen receives, you will also have to share in the risks. This is why it is important to make sure your teen is ready to drive safely before you give them the keys to a car.

Getting car insurance for your teen is a must if you want to make sure they are fully covered while driving. The onus is on you as a parent to help your teen become a responsible driver, so they can avoid danger and enjoy all the freedom that having their own vehicle will give them.