Benefits Of Workers Compensation Insurance

24 August 2021
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Employers are compelled to provide a safe and secure working environment. An employer may be forced to assume responsibility in case a worker gets injured at work. As such, it becomes necessary for any commercial enterprise to maintain workers' compensation insurance. So, what are the full benefits of workers' compensation insurance?  Benefits for the Employer Protection from Legal Liability  Workers' compensation insurance policy is designed to protect employers from legal suits by injured employees. Read More 

When Does the Requirement for SR22 Insurance End?

22 July 2021
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Your requirement for SR22 insurance won't last forever. However, you need to remain on top of the details involving your SR22 insurance to avoid having its requirement extended or restarted. How Long Will Your SR-22 Insurance Requirements Last? How long your SR22 requirement lasts can vary depending on the state and your own specific circumstances. Most states require at least three years of uninterrupted SR22 coverage. Whether your specific requirement lasts for a shorter time or longer, you must maintain coverage. Read More 

What’s Not Covered By Home Insurance

23 June 2021
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Home insurance offers extensive coverage, and as is the norm, homeowners focus heavily on the areas that are covered and overlook the areas that are not covered. Therefore, it's always good to know what's not covered in your standard home insurance so that you can get additional insurance that fills the gaps.  Here are common problems that are often excluded from standard homeowners' insurance.  Natural Disasters  Natural disasters such as flooding, hurricanes, and earthquakes leave destruction in their wake. Read More 

Four Reasons You Should Provide Employee Benefits For Your Workers

20 May 2021
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Employee benefits are a type of insurance coverage that employers purchase on behalf of their current employees. Employee benefits insurance is offered in a grouped format where employees share the insurance plan. The most common employee benefits include medical benefits, life insurance benefits, disability benefits, and retirement benefits. However, an employer may decide to provide additional benefits in addition to the ones listed above. Providing your workers with employee benefits coverage offers several advantages for the employer. Read More 

Second Home Homeowner’s Insurance

14 April 2021
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Whether you own a vacation home or a second home you rent occasionally, you need to cover it with a homeowner's insurance policy. If your second home has a mortgage, then the lender likely requires insurance. Your current homeowner's policy will not be sufficient. Continue reading to learn more about how and why vacation homeowner's insurance differs from your main policy. Differences Between Vacation and Main Home Coverage Insurance coverage for a second home is very similar to coverage for your first home. Read More